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Shane Parish: bio

Shane Parish (formerly Perlowin) is a guitarist/composer/improviser who creates within various arrangements and idioms.  His music is electric and acoustic, confrontational and hypnotic, finely crafted and damaged, freely improvised and tightly composed…  His overall output defies genre, while reflecting an affinity for the history of his instrument and an ear towards reflection of global circumstances. His palette is a whirlwind of rock, jazz, ambient, surf, prog, punk, blues, noise, classical, free improvisation, and world traditions, melded together in one spontaneous and distinctive voice.  He has performed club dates and festivals across North America, Europe, and Russia. His growing discography contains over 15 albums which have been acclaimed by the likes of The New York Times, Wire Magazine, Downbeat Magazine, National Public Radio, and Pitchfork.   

Additionally, he is a dedicated music educator, committed to inspiring his students and helping them cultivate the technique and knowledge to express themselves as freely and creatively as they wish.