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Shane Parish: bio


My name is Shane Parish.  I am a guitar player, composer, and teacher.  I have been playing guitar since around 1992, when I was 14 years old.  In 2003, my band Ahleuchatistas released its first album, "On the Culture Industry," beginning my musical dialog with a wider world. Since then, we have released albums on Tzadik and Cuneiform records, and have toured extensively in the USA and Europe. Over the years I have released recordings with several projects and I am involved in many ongoing collaborations. I love to improvise as well as play tightly composed music.  I love both intricacy and simplicity, intensity and subtlety, to hold the tension between extremes, and to be the extremes. I try to convey and evoke a wide range of strong feelings with my music, and to do so in an unfiltered and honest way. I take great satisfaction in my vocation as an educator, teaching and learning from children of all ages.  


"Parish weaves a rich and unending tapestry of harmonic variety..."  -All About Jazz

"Parish plays tempo-shifting acoustic fingerstyle guitar, but otherwise he sticks to electric, occasionally complementing his spindly solos with delay-pedal loops whose heavily processed post-Bill Frisell curlicues provide the fertile soil for his fleet, squiggling lines and abstract, acidic sound puddles." -Chicago Reader

"...knotty, instrumental rock that blends punk, prog, jazz, non-Western music and improv into something exhilarating and even awe-inspiring." – The Wire (on Ahleuchatistas)

"There’s noise and fire in their playing, but most of these tunes are also studded with signposts, demanding close attention and clear execution." -NY Times (on Ahleuchatistas)


AhleuchatistasDorji/Parish, Doom Ribbons, Blind Thorns, Tatsuya Nakatani/Shane Parish, Jaye Bartell, SbdQtc, Jacob Wick/Shane Parish, Desert Installation, Mount Mitchell, more...